Advanced Wound Healing Center of Shippensburg

Central Pennsylvania residents suffering from hard-to-heal wounds can now find a wound center right in their backyard – Advanced Wound Healing Center of Shippensburg. The Center’s unique team of highly-trained physicians, nurses, technicians, and foot specialists can help sufferers get their lives back. They specialize in non-healing wounds – those that have resisted healing after months and even years of traditional treatment. The three main types of wounds treated at the Advanced Wound Healing Centers are pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, and diabetic ulcers.

By using well-researched, proven techniques, the Center’s multi-disciplinary team provides healing and relief for patients who previously thought their wounds were irreparable or would ultimately result in amputation.

Treatment Modalities

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of several modalities available at the Advanced Wound Healing Centers. It involves placing the patient in a specially-designed chamber that administers a 100 percent oxygen-rich environment under slight pressure. Oxygen reaches the wound through the bloodstream, resulting in improved healing, greater blood vessel formation, and reduced likelihood of infection. This treatment provides a non-invasive procedure for patients with difficult wounds, crush injuries, acute burns, or diabetes-related ulcers.

Vacuum-Controlled Assisted Closure (VAC) Therapy is a system that uses controlled negative pressure (vacuum) to help promote wound healing. Clinical studies demonstrate that the VAC Therapy System also removes infectious materials and other fluids from the wound. The VAC Therapy System employs a computer-controlled therapy unit to maintain a constant negative pressure on the wound site.

Apligraf, a bilayered skin substitute that has brought relief to thousands of patients suffering from venous leg ulcers and other types of hard-to-heal wounds.

How to Access Our Centers

If you have a sore or wound that hasn’t started to get significantly better in a month, or healed entirely in two months, you should ask your doctor about a referral to the Advanced Wound Healing Center of Carlisle Regional Medical Center or Shippensburg.

A physician referral is not necessary. Individuals may call the Center directly to make an appointment for evaluation. The evaluation usually includes a physical examination, lab work, and other special tests to determine the flow of blood and oxygen to the wound.