Bone Health

Minimize your risk of developing osteoporosis

Although both men and women can develop osteoporosis, women are at greater risk for developing the disease, particularly after menopause. You can minimize your risk of osteoporosis through lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Maintaining a regular exercise routine that includes weight-bearing exercises.
  • Getting enough calcium and vitamin D.
  • Minimizing caffeine and alcohol consumption, and abstaining from smoking.

Carlisle Regional Medical Center’s health care professionals and dietitians are available to help you incorporate healthy dietary and lifestyle habits to lower your risk of developing osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis screening and treatment

CRMC’s doctors have the training, expertise and advanced technology to diagnose and treat osteoporosis. To determine your risk of the disease, your doctor will take a complete medical history and perform an exam. Screening techniques to detect osteoporosis include:

  • X-rays
  • Bone density tests (also called DEXA or bone densitometry)
  • Blood tests, which measure calcium and potassium levels

Your doctor will tailor a treatment program that’s right for you. In addition to lifestyle changes to minimize your risk, treatment options include:

  • Hormone-replacement therapy
  • Medical management with medications