Kidney Disorders (Nephrology)

Expert kidney care

Treatment advances have made many kidney conditions highly treatable when they are diagnosed early. Carlisle Regional Medical Center’s nephrologists have the experience and technology to diagnose and treat a range of kidney and urological disorders. We offer a variety of services.


Carlisle Regional Medical Center provides the following dialysis services:

  • Pre-Dialysis education
  • Conferencing and assistance in selecting a treatment from Hemodialysis or Home Dialysis-CAPD, CDPD or Home Hemodialysis
  • Home support for patients choosing home dialysis
  • Dietary instruction and services provided by a registered dietitian specialized in nephrology
  • Social Services provided by a licensed, Masters' prepared social worker specialized in nephrology. Services include help with Medicare and other insurance applications, and assistance in transportation services.
  • Acute dialysis